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Testing, testing…

Greetings, Earthlings!

After about a year posting approximately weekly blogs to to a great group website,, I think I’ve finally found the mama cajunes to start my own blog. I may decide to review books or movies or music or just throw my opinion around on anything that pops to mind. I may give the usual fare from a mother as in child anecdotes of a teen boy, a pre-teen boy with Asperger’s Syndrome and a toddler girl. or life in a three generation household blended family with a spazzy terrier-mix and a beautiful, old ghetto cat.

My interests beyond family run in a wide circle: education, environmental living as best as I can, creative endeavors like the fact that I am currently finishing a children’s novel and write poetry (sorry if I lost you with that one), gardening, cooking, reading, beaching, I can’t think what else at the moment save for generally keeping a positive attitude through the mayhem that is my life. And it is mayhem. Usually, I find it amusing and luckily, when I don’t, I can laugh at my bad reaction to it.

Oh, and I am a transplanted former transplanted Bostonian, whose love of the Red Sox is in direct inverse proportion to how far I live from Fenway Park. I once lived for three years in the apartment building that sits on top of the Fenway T-stop and had very little patience for the Fenway Fans then. Yep -that was my bedroom window three floors up from where the trolley exited from underground. But now, I’m a convert. It comes from working many years with kids in Massachusetts public school systems and one amazing play-off season against the Yankees, not to rub in the rest of 2004, or 2007. But now I live in Virginia.

So I hope you enjoy my musings in mayhem. I’m looking forward to spewing my nonsense at the world.

I admit to my failings in technical aptitude, so please, if you happen upon a whacked looking blog here, please just bear with my learning process.

yours in blogging,



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13 thoughts on “Testing, testing…

  1. Yay! Congrats on the new blog — and I get to be your first follower, too! Don’t I feel special!?! I look forward to your “Musings in Mayhem” very much. Happy Blogging!

  2. thanks, jen, and welcome! i sure have enjoyed your ramblings and hope i can oblige you with mine.

  3. Good for you for starting your blog. I love reading your posts on creative construction. Happy blogging.

  4. you go, you cute bloggy thing … i’ll read you ….

  5. welcome and thanks! just another distraction from finishing the book…but a productive one in my book!

  6. It’s not a distraction, Cath, it’s a discipline. :-PWhen the book’s not going well, come write on here, you’ll feel like you’ve made progress somewhere!

  7. thanks for those words of encouragement, brittany! i am having all kinds of ideas popping like corn in my head for here…. i will try to focus on book when c naps in the mornings…i really have to get past this final hump. i feel like this is a looser format where anything goes, so don’t need quite the focus i need for the novel’s end. think i can handle the blog writing while c is underfoot, ripping apart greek philosophers….

  8. welcome to the offical blogosphere! πŸ™‚

  9. thanks, kelly, you’ve always been ery supportive and fun on your blog and at cc!

  10. YIPPE! I’m so glad you started one. I’ve been waiting. πŸ™‚

  11. thanks, ophelia! i’m such a bigmouth on everyone else’s…it was time.

  12. Kudos and welcome to the blogosphere! I just added you to my Damian Daily blogroll.

  13. thank you, lisa!

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